How Do I Sell My Business?

When you want to sell your house, you call a real estate broker; when you want to sell your company, you call a business broker. There can be a LOT of pitfalls out there for those trying to sell their businesses on the own. Tell the wrong people that you are selling, and you end up with employees fleeing, vendors panicking, and your competition having a field day.

In this episode of The LIPN Podcast, we talked with Hal Fuchs of The NYBB Group on what business owners need to know when thinking about selling, why people sell and to who, and some of the most common mistakes that people make in the process.

What is New York’s Cannabis Act?

If you live in New York State, you have probably heard that Governor Cuomo is working on legislation to legalize recreational marijuana. The Cannabis Act is actually an incredibly complex program that not only allows the legal sale of marijuana, but includes a wide array of taxes, licenses, and other governmental oversight. Even if it passes this season, it will take years to actually implement.

In this episode of The LIPN Podcast, I spoke with criminal attorney Daniel Johnston of Johnston Law to get his take on this bill. Not only would the Cannabis Act be a vast governmental undertaking, there would also be incredible commercial opportunities available. But more importantly, it should update New York’s (what can only be charitably called byzantine) marijuana laws. Seriously – the laws about edibles are jaw-dropping.

What is the NY DFS Cybersecurity Regulation?

If you own an insurance agency, mortgage brokerage, bank, or any other organization that answers to the New York Department of Financial Services you have surely heard of 23 NYCRR 500 by now. Also known as NY DFS Cybersecurity Regulation, these set of rules are now in full effect after a two-year transition period. But there are still a number of small business who are confused about what needs to be done, overwhelmed by the technology involved, and unnerved by the potential cost. 

In this episode of The LIPN Podcast, we speak with cybersecurity expert Tom Nohs from DataSoftNow about why compliance with NY DFS 500 is so important and the catastrophic repercussions that could happen if you ignore these regulations.

Why Should I Go On a Cruise?

For someone who’s never gone on a cruise, the choices out there can be a bit overwhelming. In this episode of The LIPN Podcast, we sat down with Nancy Bauman of Dream Travel by Nancy to find out what’s new in the cruising industry (rollercoasters? really?), what first-time cruisers need to know, and why you should always, ALWAYS, bring your passport with you. We also discuss that yes, travel agents still exist, and how they can save you time, money, and be there for you if something goes wrong (like, say, missing the boat).

How Do I Get My House Sold?

There is a lot of advice out there for first time home buyers. But what about first time home sellers?  In this episode of The LIPN Podcast, we spoke with Lynda Leone of RealtyConnectUSA to learn the best way to get your house ready to for market. What are the three biggest mistakes people make when trying to sell? What makes selling in New York unique? What is the least expensive thing you can do to make the biggest difference?

Why Do I Need Flood Insurance?

Not living anywhere near the coast I never really thought about flood insurance. Then Irene, Sandy, and Harvey happened and I realized one of the biggest threats from these kinds of storms is the rain. So I talked with Leo Fernandez about the federal flood insurance program and got quite an education. Check out the latest episode of The LIPN Podcast to learn to find out just how much you DON”T know about flood insurance.

Why Are Hackers Attacking Your Small Business?

It’s scary to realize that one of the main targets of hackers these days are small businesses. In this episode of The LIPN Podcast, we speak with cybersecurity expert Tom Nohs from DataSoftNow about why small businesses are such easy targets and what you need to do to protect yourself and your assets.

The Power of Networking

Smith Douglass Associates is proud to introduce their latest podcast production: The LIPN Podcast. This podcast, made for the Long Island Professional Network, will showcase the skills and abilities of the organization’s diverse membership.

First up is the introductory episode: About Us. In this episode of the LIPN Podcast, we interview the founders of the LIPN to discuss the power of networking, why networking works, and how to get started.

The Cost of Doing Things Yourself

In this episode of the Bethel Business Podcast, we talk with John Licari from PC Advisors about the challenges of keeping your computers and other digital equipment running at their best. Among other things, we discuss the benefits of “The Cloud”, why trying to fix things yourself may end up costing you more, and why individuals and small businesses are a growing target for hackers.


Legalweek 2018 Workshop Announced

We are pleased to be invited back to Legalweek New York as part of their SmallFirm Business Bootcamp. Merrill Loechner and Richard Bowering will be hosting the following workshop on Monday, January 29th:

9:30am – 11:30am | Small Firm Web & Social Marketing Crash Course

Need to be Your Own Website Manager, Social Marketer and Content Developer?

This workshop will center on how solo/small firms can build simple yet effective websites, use LinkedIn smartly, and appear in the right searches – in just a few hours per week. The end result will be strategies to generate new clients, drive qualified traffic to your social media and website – and then use basic follow up tools to nurture those leads into clients.

This discussion will also include ways to both measure and increase client satisfaction, with a focus on how communication, collaboration and technology can facilitate word-of-mouth referrals.


  • Develop a comprehensive plan to increase awareness of your practice through simple yet effective marketing and web tactics
  • Discover the type of digital outreach that helps a practice thrive and how to get started using email/social/video without spending a lot of money on tools or equipment
  • Top content marketing & communication strategies to connect with prospective and current clients

For more information about Legalweek New York 2018, visit their website at